The Long Kiss Goodnight

assassination, amnesia, hostage, new identity, strong woman, chase, female killer, dark comedy, teacher, escape, female protagonist, woman with gun, beautiful  woman, single mother, timebomb, candlelight vigil, rogue agent, street shootout, ex cia agent, christmas parade
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Samantha Caine, suburban homemaker, is the ideal mom to her 8 year old daughter Caitlin. She lives in Honesdale, PA, has a job teaching school and makes the best Rice Krispie treats in town. But when she receives a bump on her head, she begins to remember small parts of her previous life as a lethal, top-secret agent.
TitleThe Long Kiss Goodnight
Release Date1996-10-11
GenresCrime, Action, Mystery, Thriller
Production CompaniesThe Steve Tisch Company
Production CountriesUnited States of America
Geena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson, Yvonne Zima, Craig Bierko, Brian Cox, David Morse


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